Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My New Office and more.

{ my new office }

You may remember that I combined my guest room and office space to help my husband have some sanity since we had been sharing an office. You can see some of my inspiration here.

The guest room was cute. I did like it. But I LOVE it now. Our old guest room furniture was from friends, who, after getting married, were consolidating and throwing this out. It was her furniture as a child (I painted it black, it was white with flowers...) Needless to say it was probably time to get something a little newer. haha.

What we purchased:
Futon & Side Table: Ikea
Paint: Home Depot {Color: Sage Gray}
Frames & Desk Lamp: Ikea
Milk Glass Vases (My favorite latest addition to the room): Salvation Army
Everything else: We already had. (Originally I wanted an old desk that I could paint but we temporarily moved Aaron's old desk in and I loved it... thought it was actually perfect for the space.)

I designed all the artwork
and you will most likely be seeing it again for my calendars and wall art collection.

A picture of my sweet Aaden and a tiny little vase (a gift from a friend, from France) are all that adorn my desk. No clutter here.

Do you like it?
Was it all you hoped it would be? haha.

: : :

So how about more decorating?

I get an itch to rearrange my furniture and 'redecorate' pretty often. It's not that I am obsessed with projects (says my husband) but more so that I like new and fresh... or even that sometimes I don't know what I want until a certain thing is up on my wall... and then I know what I don't want... but am still not sure what I want in place of it?! Anyone else feel the same way? haha. But that offers a little predicament of its own because you say 'Well, Ashlee just wait until you find that perfect thing...' and I say 'Nope, sorry... I can't wait.' I am too task-oriented, I like projects completed... almost as soon as they start. For example, my house was 'decorated' in about two weeks after moving in. Yep. I had every box unpacked and every thing in it's place less than a week after moving (a year and a half ago). And I 'decorated' then but just to have things up and in a place, not necessarily because I loved it or had thought it through.

I say all of that to really say that I recently rearranged my bedroom, rearranged my boys' room (Drew has a big boy bed now!) and added a few little things here and there over the past few weeks. It was fun! In our old house there was only one possible way to have the furniture in each of the rooms, so it stayed the same way for about 3.5 years. When I was a little girl I rearranged my bedroom all the time and organized my closet over and over again. My mom would come home from work to find me in a 'new' bedroom and a bag of 'trash' that I was throwing away after having 'reorganized.' haha.

Anyway, here are some updated pictures. What do you think?

{ entry way }
No purchases necessary for this update, I just painted everything white.
I love white.

{ new side table? }
No, I just used an old one that used to be in the guest room and I painted it... you guessed it, white.
Doesn't the juxtaposition of the old and embellished style of the table look fabulous with the modern, contemporary style of the fabric pattern on the chair beside it?
In my eyes it does. haha.

{ frames & mirrors }

I collected a few mirrors and empty frames from a trip to the Salvation Army, totaling under $10.00. The little cluster of frames and mirrors coordinates beautifully with the empty frame above the sofa.

{ master bedroom }
Some simple updates: I switched the chair from one side to the other (it really opens up the space) and the dresser to the wall you first see when entering the room.
I did love our bedroom, but it just needed a little more finishing. Here was a little inspiration.

I added two new cream throw pillows (from Ross, clearance $5.00) and two new amazing lamps, ahhhh, I LOVE them (from Pier 1 - on sale & a coupon = $10.00 each!!)
I saw them first here and fell in love with them.
And then I brought out a bunch of frames (white and silver) that I had not been using.

I added a few more white/cream accessories to balance out the dark, rich hues of the wall and furniture color. Do you like that the picture frames are still empty? haha. The roses are from Aaron, when he asked me to marry him. I really like to incorporate pieces, art, items that have real meaning.

Well, that's it... for awhile at least. Back to real life.

Have you done any redecorating lately?

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  1. Wow! That's a whole lot of handsome--and thrifty!--decoration. Pretty sweet. You are so quick to paint! That's cool--do you just bust out the supplies, or is there a secret to suddenly painting something. We've lived in this house 3 years and have officially painted NOTHING. Alas.

    The only redecorating I have done is to have found (fake) flowers to go in a few different vases that I have had empty for years. Pier One was my friend for this, and I had a couple of super helpful salesladies get me over the fear and indecision of what to choose. I've got some huge white dahlia blooms in a Van-Gogh "starry night" painted vase a friend did for me, some big white hydrangeas in what used to be a Van-Gogh painted cookie jar (same friend) before the lid broke. I've got one twig of delphinium (creamish) in a gorgeous tequila bottle I found on a fun date at Lake Erie this summer. I thought you might be proud of that one, and some funny but cool (?) orchid-like guys in a bronze/golden vase that was a wedding present. Yep, took 7 years to figure out what to do with that thing!

    Everything else...just trying to contain the clutter or figure out how to eliminate it.



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