Monday, September 13, 2010

And we are done.

...for now anyway.

{Check it out}
(for an extremely updated website!)

More updates coming later this week.

Updates to come:

Little Ones
  • Shower Invites
  • Boy Announcements
  • Girl Announcements
  • Birthday Party Invites
  • Mommy Calling Cards

  • Birthday Party Invites
  • Baby Shower Invites
  • Graduation Party Invites
  • Anniversary / Reunion Party Invites
  • Wedding Event Invites (Bridal Shower, Engagement Party)
  • Holiday Party Invites
  • Day - to- day (NEW LINE OF STATIONARY!!! YAYYY! I can't wait to show you!)
  • *This may or may not be including things like address labels, memo pads, folders, recipe cards, and calling cards. eeek. So excited!

And a Corporate section for all of my identity/branding work

....AND then I will actually be done. ah. I do actually think the hardest part is done though. We shall see.


  1. LOVE IT. i also loved that i checked it just moments ago (while studying of course) and it was not there, and then BOOM it was. What a fun little surprise while studying anatomy. I love your work. :)



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