Monday, April 4, 2011

wiped out.

Mug from Daily Grinder

Happy Monday to you friends.

I had a crazy weekend! It was so much fun but I am utterly exhausted today and feel as though I am running on empty. That coffee mug pretty says it all. Imagine my dismay though when I went to make my coffee this morning and realized we were out... oops.

The weekend was fabulous. I had an amazing time catching up with sweet friends I had not seen in so long. The race was pretty amazing as well and quite addicting. I am thinking I need to run another soon. I finished in 1 hour 5 min. I didn't meet my goal time of 1 hour but I was pretty close and I'll blame that additional 5 minutes on the 44,000 people who were in my way. ha. :)

Unfortunately I did not carry my heavy camera with me through the race and my little point and shoot is out of commission so I don't have any pictures of the race itself, but here are a few before and afters.

Elizabeth & I at our 5:00am wake up call.
I definitely walked down the street hoping that Starbucks was open... sadly, they were not.

Me, Elizabeth, & Jessi post race. I think we still look pretty cute considering we just ran a 10k. :)

LUNCH at Taco Boy. Don't get tacos though, go for the nachos. They are to die for. Really.

Proof that I ran. In case you had your doubts. :)

And lastly, we clean up pretty good, don't you think?

I have some fun inspiration photos from around Charleston, along with a couple restaurant recommendations, should you be visiting anytime soon, that I will hopefully share later this week. Until then... go get yourself a cup of coffee. It might take forever.


  1. I am so proud of you!! :) Love this post:)

  2. Love the pictures...but mostly loved catching up and spending time with you over the weekend. Hope you finally got some coffee ;) Miss you already.



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