Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

12 Days of Christmas {WINNER}

On the 5th day of Christmas (I'm definitely singing in my head right now...) I gave you a little challenge... guess which Gingerbread House was mine. And my little house was... #3!

That means the winners are Melissa Atchley & Kristi Rhoton!
Congratulations! You win a little prize from Ashlee Proffitt Design.
... For many of you, you should have stuck with your instincts and gone with your first choice. =)
{Winners - Please send me your shipping information if you have not done so already.}

12 Days of Christmas {Day 9}

{Rustic / Vintage / Beautiful}
Holiday Decor
+ Elegant Woodland Holiday Wreath by Lunatique Boutique

+ Vintage Wood Type HO HO HO by Monki Vintage

+ Happy Christmas Pillow in Linen by jennilyons81

+ Holiday Pillows by Ramona Owen Designs

+ Naughty & Nice Pillow Cover by Joshua By Oak

+ Christmas Noel Banner by Bleu Bird Nest

+ Pine Cone Cluster by Inspired by Seasons

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12 Days of Christmas {Days 8}

{Christmas Stocking Round-Up}
I am saving these ideas for next year... I love them all.

+ Manly Montana Christmas Stocking by Nana Montana

+ Red Gingham Stocking by Heart of Holland

Which one is your favorite?

. . .

Don't worry I didn't forget about announcing a winner... tomorrow. :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

12 Days of Christmas {Days 6 & 7}

TWO DIY Ornaments || Pretty Enough to Give

Inspired by this post (from Bower Power found via The Creative Place) I decided that these sweet little ornaments would be perfect as gifts this Christmas, so I purchased the supplies needed and tried my hand at making them.

And I LOVE how they turned out. I think they are beautiful... the question becomes to give away or to keep for yourself...

{Glittery JOY}

Materials Needed
Glass ornaments
Step 1 || Using either tip of glue bottle or tiny paint brush dipped in glue write a word or initial of your choice. I chose the word 'JOY' for a few of the ornaments and did a few with a monogram as well, with the receiver's last initial.

Step 2 || Generously pour glitter over glue. Allow to dry. Use dry paint brush to brush away excess glitter.

Step 3 || Lace ribbon through for a finishing touch. I used a wide chiffon red ribbon.

That's all. Super easy. Super pretty. Super elegant & classic.

. . .

{Rustic Christmas}

Materials Needed
Glass ornament
White/cream yarn/string
Hot glue gun
Extra: coordinating beads

Step 1 || Using the hot glue gun place glue around the neck of the ornament.

Step 2 || Place the start of the string on the hot glue and begin wrapping around the ornament. Periodically add glue to the ornament, laying string over the glue.

If desired you can continue the entire ornament in one type of string OR move on to Step 3.

Step 3 || Cut the string after approximate 15 times around or to your desired width of stripe, add a drop of glue and adhere the end of the string to the glue.

Step 4 || Then using an alternate type of string or jute begin another stripe picking up where you left off with the last stripe.

Step 5 || Continue this process until your desired pattern is achieved. I did an entire set as a gift and did each ornament a little differently. One ornament was one type of string, all the way to the bottom, others I did stripes and left a portion of the glass still visible, etc.

Step 6 || Once you complete the exterior of the ornament, add coordinating beads to the inside of the ornament (for those that leave a portion of the glass exposed.) It adds a little something extra.
Step 7 || Loop a piece of string or twine through the ornament and hang on your rustic Christmas tree.

. . .

I really enjoyed making these. I hope you do too.

Friday, December 17, 2010

12 Days of Christmas {Day 5}

{Make a Gingerbread House || The Easy Way}

Materials Needed
Graham Crackers
Vanilla Frosting
Flat pieces of cardboard
Aluminum foil
CANDY!!! (gum drops, marshmallows, peppermints, candy canes, skittles, twizzlers, etc.)
Decorating Accessories (colored sugar, sprinkles, writing icing, powder sugar)

Step 1 ||
Wrap cardboard with aluminum foil

Step 2 || Eat a gum drop.

Step 3 || Spread a layer of icing on the foil to be your base

Step 4 || Eat a twizzler. Take a break. Eat a skittle.

Step 5 || Begin building your house. Piece together the walls with icing.
Step 6 || Continue building until house is complete.

Step 7 || Eat a marshmallow.

Step 8 || DECORATE! Create your own little magical house... made up entirely of sugar. :)

Step 9 || Take a picture (to remember just how cute it is) and then eat it.

My small group bible study made these gingerbread houses last week.
Leave a comment guessing which one is mine. If you guess correctly, you win a prize!
(Sorry city group ladies... you can't guess. :))

{Gingerbread Houses}









. . .

Go make a gingerbread house today with someone you love!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 Days of Christmas {Day 4}

{Best of Kid's Toys}
Having little ones myself I can more than appreciate the cute finds below. I adore classic toys, for their simplicity and timelessness. I may be biased but I think they encourage a little one to use their imagination even more.

What is Santa bringing your little ones this year?
{Needle Felted Alphabet Balls by Jack's Beanstalk}

{Needle Felted Counting Balls by Jack's Beanstalk}

{Toy Truck by Times Past Toys}

{Playground Scavenger Hunt by Blynken and Nod}

{Wee Wooden Skittles Play Set by Wee Waldorf}

{The Bigger Than Life Train by Forever Afters}

{Shopping Cart by Forever Afters}

{Dougie's Custom Play Kitchen by Hammer & Nails}

{Indoor Plain Teepee by Moozle}

Shhhh... a little secret... my little one just may be getting his first play tent (sadly, not from Moozle, she's on maternity leave). Excited to go exploring with my little man and his new tent in just about a week.


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