Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Wardrobe: New Blog Feature

Welcome to a new blog feature: Weekend Wardrobe.

Deep down inside I am a tshirt and jeans (ripped up, faded, and worn to be exact) kind-of girl. However, I do love fashion or rather, I love experimenting with fashion. I say, you be the trendsetter. So, this new little blog feature will give you some insight into my weekend and my weekend wardrobe. The weekends are my one opportunity to actually feel somewhat fashionable as most days are spent (like right at this very moment) with a simple tshirt/tank and jeans/shorts on.

This past weekend my husband and I were invited to a dinner party that was an interest meeting of sorts for a ministry that a couple in our church are involved with. The ensemble below is very close (not exact) to what I wore for our fancy little outing.

A classic black dress (mine was from Target awhile ago) accented with yellow pumps (thanks Johanna), a yellow bag (from my mom via Charlotte Russe awhile ago), black dangly earrings and an armful of bangles.

What did you do this weekend? Did you get all dressed up? Or did you have more fun sporting the tshirt and jeans?

+ Accordian Dress by J.CREW
+ Earrings & Bangles by Forever 21
+ Yellow Clutch by Jennifer Ladd
+ Yellow Peep Toe Pumps by Nine West


  1. This weekend, Belgium welcomed the sun and we had temperatures that got me thinking of summertimes rather than an early spring.
    So I dressed up in some black H&M shorts I bought on Friday (anticipating the weather:p), combined with a colourful tanktop and of course some flipflops!
    Like the new blog feature! :)

  2. So no joke, I was in my Pj's ALL day Saturday. ALL day. Nope, I wasn't sick. Just never got dressed (and thankfully for everyone out in public, I didn't go out at all). Haven't done that since before Jimmy was born (without a reason like being sick or just having had a baby, lol)! I felt so blah by the end of the day, lol ;)

    So Sunday I actually put on some clothes - a comfy pair of jeans, a teal tanktop and a black shortsleeve along with a silver necklace and a pair of flipflops. Much better. :)

  3. Absolutely no wardrobe inspiration coming from over here. None.

  4. I love the entirety of the outfit. Maybe the model was good in projecting for what she wears. Too simple but elegant and something look sexy. Very feminine.

  5. Your fashion trend is somewhat lovely. Yellow is a nice color to be fitted on black.



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