Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My oldest son had his first day of preschool yesterday and he wanted to share with you how it went. 

I found some cute back-to-school ideas here
Thanks Sarah Beth for the great ideas!
 Take a picture of your little one and a chalkboard. On the chalkboard write their grade 
You could even have them write their name themselves... I should have had Andrew write his for you to see (and compare to next year!)

um. adorable.
found here originally from here.

I feel a birthday party invitation being inspired right now from that adorable little 'smartie pants' goody bag....

This little check list is genius. Print it out, hang it on your fridge and remind yourself to document those things you think you will never forget (that I promise you will.)

I've only been doing this for 2 days but the crafty lady in me wanted so badly to make his little lunch box a delight to open. The only thing I could think of was a little note... too bad he can't read. That's why he's in preschool. ha. 

I am definitely going to try this sweet and free idea.

What a sweet treat in a lunch box! And you could even get your little ones to help make them.

You want more?!
Well, here you go:

Thanks Seven Thirty-Three for all the great ideas!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Wardrobe: Family Dinner Date

Our sweet friends invited us over for dinner on Friday night, which was a wonderful treat after a long week! Everyone swam (2 husbands + 4 boys + 1 girl ... we need to have a girl to give baby Elizabeth a playmate!) while the mamas chatted in the kitchen. It was peaceful, relaxing and super fun. 

My little outfit consisted of a ruffly floral tank with my black cuffed shorts (that I apparently wear a lot on the weekends. ha) I added a couple accessories that helped to create a casual summer look that is really effortless but still put together and finished.

What did you do this weekend? I hope yours was relaxing and fun as well!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Projects: Girly Gifts

I have been thinking and planning for Christmas all week. I have been putting together inspiration boards as well as products lists for what I will be offering in just about a month! I am so excited!

I found these cute little items below on pinterest and am thinking they would all be super great gifts that you could make yourself (or buy if you aren't the diy-er type.)

Sequin Clutch Tutorial by In Honor of Design

 Dainty beaded bracelet sold by Zzavel

 Jersey Knit Bracelet tutorial by V and Co.

 Leather Wrap Bracelet sold by T. Sloan

Jewelry Display by Pottery Barn
This is no longer sold at Pottery Barn but is still really amazing... so I think we should all make our own! A couple empty frames, hooks and wire is all it would take to create a beautiful (and organized) jewelry display. I would LOVE this as a gift.
 Mason Jar Soap Dispenser tutorial by Blissfully Content
I have a strange affinity for blue mason jars. I think they remind me of my sweet granny. 
What a cute gift this would be for that vintage, antique collector friend who loves unique gifts!
Wood Blocks Memory Game sold by DaWanda
These would be super cute for kids. All you need is some wooden blocks (think jenga), brightly colored patterned paper, and decoupage.

If I try my hand at making any of the above I will let you know! And you do the same. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Font Love. Font Obsession.

 I am currently obsessed with Guadalupe. It is GORGEOUS. And I want it. 

It is one of the standard fonts used by House Beautiful, my favorite decorating magazine.
Look at that 'd'... I'm drooling.

 The family has about a billion different options with alternatives and swashes. The possibilities are endless.....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek at what I am currently working on... I just can't tell you what it is for yet.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Wardrobe: Girls Night

I had a great time on Friday night celebrating my sweet friend's birthday.We checked out an art museum and then headed to an amazing little restaurant where we ended the night with s'mores right at our table (yes, there was even a mini fire to melt the marshmallow!) It was a pretty wonderful night. 

I donned myself in a little black dress topped with a nude cardigan and black skinny belt. The entire outfit was coordinated around my new nude pumps. Even mommies want to look nice every once in awhile right?

Don't tell anyone that the nude pumps were traded in for nude ballet flats about half way into our celebrating. haha.

What did you do this weekend? I hope you had so much fun too!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend Projects: Confetti, Tape, & Sticks

I may work on this little gem (pictured below) tomorrow. 
I have 4 of them and may or may not have saved them from my neighbor's garbage 
(while the garbage men were trying to put them in the garabage truck....)
Awkward? Yes. Worth it? Emphatically yes.
I'll let you guess what they are for now. 
 . . .
A few sweet ideas I found around the web this week that I want to try:

. . .

I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet friends!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Font Loves

I am currently drooling over the fonts below. They are simply amazing. 
I may or may not be thinking of things I could sell just to make them mine. haha.

. . .

Do you have a favorite?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Favorite Finds: Yellow

 I am currently obsessed with yellow. 
What do you think? Doesn't it just brighten up your day?

Here are some lovely little goodies to hopefully brighten and inspire you!

2. Mustard Yellow Star Urchin by Kissa Design
3. Mustard Yellow Glass Earrings by Wild Woman Jewelry
4. Mustard Yellow Candle Sconces by Kristina & Jenny
5. Mustard Hand Printed Tea Towel by See Change Design

Monday, August 15, 2011

Refreshed & Ready!

The Stationery Academy was an unbelievable journey.
I met amazing and wonderfully talented women who taught me much more than business.
I learned about the stationery industry, where it has been and where it is headed.
I learned about growing a business and that I am not alone on this journey.

I was challenged to pursue the calling God has placed on my life.
I was challenged to pursue my role as a wife and a mom as the top priority.
I was challenged to define what success looks like for me.
I was challenged to make big changes and to do great things with this gift God has given me.

I am changed. I am feeling encouraged, confident and overwhelmingly excited for what is to come.

More to come later this week on The Stationery Academy.

Today... I am spending with my boys... kissing, tickling, and laughing.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stationery Academy Bound!

I am on my way friends. I am so excited I can barely stand it! I am ready for God to do great things with this little gift He has entrusted me with. I am ready to learn and grow. I am ready to encourage new friends and be encouraged by them too. Pray for me on this little endeavor! I cannot wait to share with you all that I learn.

If you would like to help support me in this little venture I would be so grateful!

Take a look here to read more about The Stationery Academy!

You can help in 2 ways:
1. Purchase a product from my shop... or two or three or four! :)
2. Give a donation! Small or large, ALL gifts are welcome! (Click on the donation button below.)

Thanks friends! I love you so much and am so grateful for your encouragement and support!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tackling To-Dos

I tend to always have a lot going on. This has been the story of my life... well... all my life. I can honestly say that I have tried multiple ways to remember every task and stay on top of things but this week I am trying a new tactic. I know, very well, that trying to tackle an entire life's worth of to-do's is impossible and will only result in depression and procrastination. ha. So, this week I knew I had a lot going on in my preparation for leaving for The Stationery Academy. Woooo! 

I have decided that, through much trial and error, I am definitely a visual person and need things right in front of me. My game plan for this week was to download EVERYTHING I have going on in my head... even if the deadline is months from now and even if it was as tiny as writing an email. I then categorized the list according to area of my life (i.e. Business, Ministry, etc.) I printed off that list and taped it right above my desk. Overwhelming to some, yes, but for me it provides safety... an assurance that I will not forget even one of the things I am supposed to be thinking about, planning, doing. The final step proves to be the most important though, I choose just 5 things off the list, highlight them in yellow and those are my tasks for the day (pink signifies finished!). Those 5 things are doable, manageable and therefor I am not in a constant state of discouragement as I seemingly never finish the endless to-do list. (Thank you MTH for the guidance and encouragement on actually getting things done or Making Things Happen.)

What do you think? Am I the only one who struggles with this? Would this seemingly rudimentary system work for you too? If so, give it a whirl! 

My desk; it perfectly represents my life. A stuffed blue puppy, my Bible, my business notebook, a sketch/scrap piece of paper and my mac. Lovely.
Busy office space getting things done. Printing orders. Finishing orders. Packaging orders.  All while being reminded that I hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection. - Thank you Emily Ley.

Loving these boys so much today. A rainy day perfect for staying in those cute p.j.'s. Asher pointed to Drew as soon as I got him out of his crib... I guess he wanted to snuggle with his brother. :)


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