Thursday, April 7, 2011

Restaurant Review: Taco Boy & Giveaway!

{photo courtesy of Taco Boy}

After the race we went to Taco Boy. Apparently you don't order the tacos there, just the nachos.
And they were to die for. Really.
I wish I had a picture of them, they would make you drool.
Instead here is a picture of us ladies with our matching Cooper River Bridge Run tshirts.
Aren't we cute? ha.
This restaurant was super cute and the interior design, like that of Wet Hen,
was thought out and carried their branding beyond just a sign on the door.
The vibe was eclectic and rustic, with no shortage of visual interest.
Below are a few photos from inside the restaurant.
I love the collection of multi-colored pendent lights.

So, the graphic designer in me thought this was hilarious.
Take a stab at guessing what it is supposed to read and you will be entered to win a set of notecards.


  1. To many drinks? I saw for a cab to go home? (: Super cute! Congrats on your run!

  2. That's pretty close to what I was gonna guess!

    Too many drinks? I'm looking for a cab ride home.

    That's pretty funny.

    PS - you many have inspired me to run a 10k... maaaaybeee.... haha. :-)

  3. Too many drinks? See me for a ride home.

  4. Too many drinks? I'd ask her for a ride home.


  5. Too many drinks? I'd look for a cab ride home. ;)

  6. To many drinks, looking for a ride home.

  7. i want to go to this place! i want my house to LOOK like this place.

  8. Too many drinks? Look for a cab home.

    I love your blog, Ashlee!! :]

  9. Too many drinks? Look for a ride home.



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