Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inspiration to Creation: Vintage Strawberries

I love finding inspiration from everyday things. This beautiful photo of strawberries sparked the artist within me and this sweet little birthday invitation was created.

{inspiration photo courtesy of Shay Cochrane Photography}

I drew a simple line drawing of the strawberries and used a vintage color scheme, both directions were inspired from the photograph.

Along with the invitation I created matching address labels.
The return address is printed on the left hand side of the invitation and wraps around the envelope.

As a designer I love a complete design experience from the outside in. For example, coordinating colored envelopes with the address label and opening up to the invitation. At the actual birthday party you could carry on the entire idea with the vintage color scheme, a coordinating birthday banner and cupcake toppers (strawberry cupcakes of course), favor tags with strawberry candy or strawberry jam... I could go on and on.

ah. I love this.

(and my husband just caught me smiling at my computer like a little school girl with a crush... haha... hilarious.)


  1. I LOVE these!! LOVE! And the matching address labels and envelopes. I'm smiling at my computer too :)

  2. Very cute. We just had a TRIANGLE party for Noelle. Her pick. My favorite part was the triangle cake, but if I had had matching triangular envelopes...that would have been awesome. :)
    Cute ideas, Ashlee.

  3. I had no idea that you drew the strawberries freehand. Wow girl. I really love the stuff that you sketch/freehand out yourself...i think you should incorporate that into your work more which would make your style even more unique and be something that other people aren't doing...ok enough from me:)

  4. What is the font you used for the name "Alexis"? It's so fun and flirty!



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