Monday, May 24, 2010

Favorite Finds - Savannah

Last week I had the privilege to spend 5 days alone with my husband (well... not really, we had a tag along 3 month old to keep us company as well) as we celebrated our 5 year anniversary on May 20th.

We had an amazing time in Savannah, Georgia. We explored every nook of that beautiful city.

My favorite finds this week? All the things that I loved in Savannah!

I am pretty sure we ate more than should be humanly possible...{fun wall of old signs inside a candy shop that we frequented multiple times a day}
{have you ever seen anything more yummy?}

2. THE AGE. I love that everything has a history there. The architecture is amazing and such inspiration... every detail was thought through back in those days (1800-1900's).

3. THE PARKS. Within the city there are 22 squares or parks that are just gorgeous. There were trees in some of the parks that are probably around 300 years old!
4. THE SHOPS. Adorable boutiques and antique stores line the streets.

5. TYBEE ISLAND. A little beach community about 15 minutes away that houses one of the oldest lighthouses in the nation.

6. EVERYTHING. Let's be honest. I loved everything about this little city and loved the opportunity to explore it with the one I love the most!
{this door was my favorite for no particular reason....
although the layers of peeling paint I find beautiful in combination with the crystal doorknob.}

What's the best place you have ever visited and why? I would love to hear from you!


  1. I tell you what. St Andrews, Scotland was the most awesome. We were there for just a couple of days, staying at a hostel--Katie's first big trip anywhere; but certainly my first trip to Europe. The whole place is just OLD; I love the repurposing that has gone on for centuries...the tiny little doorways, the lack of street addresses, the cobblestones, the twists and turns, the only 3 real streets, the castle and cathedral ruins, the fog...and most of all the big stone pier that juts out into the sea where everything is gray--the water, the sky. You go out to the end and sit there in your sweatshirt (you need one in August) listening to the silence. Hearing God in the silence. Being engulfed in the mist, expecting a Viking ship to appear suddenly on the horizon.
    The best.

  2. Oh! You distracted me with the pier. These are great pictures you took, and it looks like a fantastic anniversary trip. Congrats!



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