Friday, May 7, 2010

Ideas for your Weekend: Yard Sales

Find local yard sales!

Some of my most favorite furniture pieces or decoration accessories have been from yard sales. I love an eclectic look (see description below the second image) that uses an artistic approach to combine casual with contemporary. So, yard sales are my best friend... I can find unique pieces that may need a little work on my end or not.

Below are my favorite yard sale finds. The first is our tv console... I am obsessed with this. It actually belonged to a lady in our church and we got it at her yard sale. It was her daughter's dresser that she had painted and replaced the drawers on the right side with a door. I cahnged the hardware and eventually I want to replace the chicken wire for frosted glass; but except for those minor changes the piece was perfect just the way it was... and it was purchased for $10.00!

The second piece is a small table that I put by my front door. It's perfect! And it too required no work on my part. I am not completely satisfied with the current accessories... but it usually takes me multiple versions and variations before I figure out how I really want something to look.

So this is a perfect example of my love for the eclectic and unusual.
Table - yard sale
Plate - Spain, circa 2006: Mission Trip
Vase - Pier 1, circa 2005: Wedding gift
Frame & Art - circa 2009: Dried leaves from our first trip to the beach after moving to Florida.
Their color perfectly coordinated with our house and I loved their shape, so I framed them in a floating frame.

I love that ever piece is different, has character and a story. I like to decorate with meaning, to me it makes our house feel more like a home.

*Note the little ball hiding under the table... it had been hiding for a year under the bookcase that was previously where the little table now stands. Let's just say Drew was excited to find his lost ball!

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  1. Wow. That's very fun. Do you imagine a space and an image or something first, or do you go out perusing and figure something out AFTER you see something you like?



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