Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inside Real Homes: Nate (Part 3)

Nate's Home (Part 3) 
Master Bedroom & Bath

In case you missed Part 1 or Part 2!

All photographs by Kortni of Kortni Marie Photography
Nate's bedroom had beautiful bones that worked well with his taste and style. The lighting and view from this master bedroom is to die for. The flooring was the same light wood as the rest of the house and the walls were the same creamy neutral as well. Although Nate was drawn to an airy, neutral and calm palette we definitely needed to add in a bit of contrast and color for the sake of pulling the room together and creating a cohesive style. 

I added two gray panels to the two large windows. It was very important to Nate to not obstruct the view outside so instead of two panels on each window, I added only one to each therefor keeping your eye moving across the wall of windows. The gray panels are perfect, adding interest but still remaining within that neutral palette. 

On the floor, I added a slate gray area rug. The rug does a couple of things for the room. It provides a softness due to its texture, both visually and also under your feet. It also helps to visually define the different spaces in such a large master bedroom and it also breaks up all the cream that is found in both the floor and wall color.

For the bedding I paired a light gray, beautifully textured duvet with slate gray sheets. Two creamy throw pillows pull the bedding together.

Above the bed I painted two canvases with shades of gray and a slight pop of rust orange. The rust orange is the same color of fabric used in the accent chair across the room in a small reading nook. I love that slight hint of a bold color, it adds so much interest without being too heavy.

We found the accent chair on craigslist and I was in love! Nate already owned his bedroom furniture that was characterized by very clean, modern lines but he really had a taste for a more vintage, worn look. So by simply adding this chair as well as pieces from his world travels I was able to add some creative balance to previously very modern room. A side table, reading lamp, and stack of old books creates the perfect reading nook.

On the opposite wall, I used his travel treasures to create a large focal point gallery wall. The idea is that he will continue to add pieces to this gallery wall and it will become both a beautiful and meaningful display.

 The master bathroom was relatively simple. Again, great existing bathroom with beautiful cabinetry, counters, flooring and even hardware and lighting. I really only needed to pull it together so that it was styled and cohesive. I added a soft painting that helped carry in that vintage feel. I added rich espresso towels and rugs. And lastly, I brought in an accent table to house a few gray/blue accessories.


Despite the challenges of being a mommy while trying to finish this project I very much enjoyed it,
especially the finished product!

Next week I hope to introduce you to another Real Home... mine. :)

Have a happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love the pictures over the bed + the collage with the license plate ;) Great work Ashlee!



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