Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Week In Pictures

Last week we...
said goodbye to our sweet friends and promised to visit them soon in ohio

played doctor in our pjs while wearing monster slippers and holding binkys.

stamped 250 folders for Aletheia's new series: Proverbs
(note the essentials to any workspace: empty mug previously filled with coffee and an alligator pull toy)

tried to finish this diy project... we are still working on that.
discovered a love for ketchup and chicken nuggets
(we also took a few tumbles, note the bruise on both his forehead and nose)

worked on our letters (best find ever! mini whiteboards to practice writing letters)

 and we made a D into a dragon.

... simply attempting to make the most of our days. 
What do your days look like?


  1. Ashlee - I love this! What a great scrapbook page this would make! In my classroom I use Handwriting Without Tears - they have a curriculum for preschoolers as well that I am going to buy for MJ. It's great because it incorporates lots of kinesthetic activities, plus music, games, and songs!

  2. oh my word. I thought your kids were cute already, but they are getting even cuter. Asher is a mini Drew nowadays it looks like! I love seeing the way you manage your roles, thanks for sharing!



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