Thursday, March 31, 2011

Font Love: Agent Orange

Below is a promo piece that I created for our church's Easter Carnival. This is our first year doing something like this for the community and we are super excited. The goal was to attract the young families (the carnival itself is geared to children). So it needed to communicate how cool we are as a church (ha.) and at the same time reach our target audience of little ones. I found this super cute font and after trying a few other options decided that this one was perfect for the job. It is not overly childish or cartoonish, but still has a playful, lighthearted feel. I combined it with the classic Myriad font in bold that contrasts nicely with it's simple and clean lines. I am pleased with how the piece turned out and am happy to have found another font love!

What do you think?

{Agent Orange - free download here}


  1. love it!!! sure makes me want to come:)

  2. That's a terrible name for a cute font--not your fault, I know! Your promo piece is delightful. I would come, but alas; I am not local. I'm sure your church is oozing with coolness.



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