Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ordinary to Extraordinary.

{Cupcake Liner Garland}

Who knew you could create something so amazing with cupcake liners?! I sure didn't...

If you are looking for a fabulous, inexpensive, vintage inspired decorating idea, this is for you!
Complete step-by-step instructions from 100 Layer Cake

. . .

{DIY Rock Candy Chandelier}

And another example of turning something ordinary into extraordinary.

Who would have ever thought that pieces of rock candy could be strung on a piece of wire and turned into something so beautiful?

Complete step-by-step instructions from OnceWed


  1. WOW! I absolutely LOVE that chandelier! Do you think it could be replicated with something other than rock candy? I would LOVE one just like that in gray and white to hang over my desk in my office! But having it made out of candy would probably not be a good idea haha.....

  2. Hi,
    Sorry; seem to be having some trouble getting my computer to allow me to comment lately. So I comment all the time, but only a few ever make it through.
    I like the chandelier too.




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