Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inside Look: Sketchbook

I am currently working on new designs that would finish up my 'porfolio.' In order for me to fill like my website and shop are complete I need to finish creating a few more products, shower invitations, birthday party packs, everyday stationary, etc.

{Here is an inside look into some of those designs.}

I am leaning towards expanding the 'Fresh Lines' line to incorporate everyday stationary as well as the wedding stationary I currently have. I love the geometric lines and super clean look. For the other products I want something really organic and natural... I may even incorporate my drawings/doodles.

And I am really excited about some things that I have coming up!!! But you will just have to check back to see what those things are. ;)


  1. These are beautiful sketches! I'm very excited to see what you have designed. I'm interested, by the way, in how you take your ideas/sketches and actually have them produced.

  2. Beautiful! I can't wait to see more! When are we going to see your new office? Or did I miss that post?

  3. If I could sketch like that...I would quit my day job. haha

  4. I love your sketches. You should make prints of them...people might buy them.



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