Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Favorites & A Project Complete

 I LOVE white. 
If you know me at all you already knew that.
I found this amazing little Etsy shop not that long ago and I absolutely adore the vintage, shabby chic pieces they sell.

Considering my love for white and love for Perline Design I thought I would share this recent project I completed. 

Awhile back I posted this in it's original state. This amazing little trunk I found while scouring my parent's basement. My intention was to restore it and not paint it, but after closer inspection we realized that the metal and canvas were just too deteriorated to refinish (at least with my limited abilities and tool set.) So I sanded it down, removed the rusted pieces, primed and then painted this little beauty.

My hope is to store my sweet boys' things in the trunk... like the outfit they wore home from the hospital, my favorite little pairs of their shoes, etc. But first I need my strong husband to open it for me since I may have accidentally painted the thing shut. ha.

What do you think? 
I love my little trunk and what it will one day mean to our little family.


  1. Love it! Looks wonderful in your home!

  2. Ashlee, What a fabulous piece! I love that you choose white! Thanks for sharing! ~Amy

  3. love it! I so wanna make it down to Tampa this year.



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