Friday, April 23, 2010

Ideas for Your Weekend: SPRING.

Spring is here (but in Florida it already feels like summer.)

So the project for your weekend? Springify. ha.

I went to Lowes (thanks to a gift card) and Target (super cute mini silver planters for $1.00) for all my supplies.

I planted new flowers by our front entry way and on our back patio too. I even added new plants in the house. I LOVE live greenery in a home.

(1 - New spring wreath 2 - Newly painted plant stand and plants 3 - Back patio bistro table 4 - New little plants on the patio bistro table)

The back patio jungle.

Inside - I added this 'snake plant'. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, but in the end I love it.

And a new centerpiece on my coffee table.

What 'springy' project are you going to do at your house this weekend?

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