Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: August 17-19

Weekend Snapshot
THURSDAY (realllly late, so it counts as the weekend right?!) Spontaneous Ice Cream Run with the kiddos -- they were in their pj's about to fall asleep when we ran in, yelling "ice cream ruuuuun!"

FRIDAY Mommy Worked and little boys played with a new friend | Pizza picnic on the living room floor | Daddy rested & Mommy celebrated a sweet friend's birthday

SATURDAY Birthday Party my boys to celebrate a sweet girl turning 4 | Cookout with friends and family

SUNDAY Church  & baby girl got dedicated (note her sweetness in the photo below!) We love our church so much! (If you live in Tampa, you should join us. :)) | Naps & Lots of rest | Frozen Chocolate Bananas  to celebrate Andrew going to kindergarten on Monday!

What did your weekend look like?!

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