Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Missing you.

As the draws closer to meet baby Adelee my heart is aching a bit more for Aaden.

Today I am missing you baby boy. You would be so big now... my mind wonders to what you would be like, what your favorite toy would be, your favorite book or your favorite treat... you gave us just a tiny peek and I do long for more.

Just to see your little face.

So, today I missing you. That's all.

And never loving you less.

I am looking forward to the day I get to see you again.



  1. I can't wait to meet him too. Praise Jesus that we will one day!!Love you.

  2. Love you sweet friend. Sending a heart's full of love to perfect Aaden as well. xxoo.

  3. Love you, Ashlee. As much as your heart aches, I rejoice that you will be able to see him again one day, that he delights in the arms of a wonderful and gracious Savior. And I'm with Tabitha--I can't wait to meet him, too!

  4. loving you. missing my babies, too. xo.



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