Thursday, March 22, 2012

Inspired: Color

I am furiously working on new collections for Ashlee Proffitt.

These new collections will be a continued reveal of the new and improved Ashlee Proffitt. I hope to be introducing new collections for the different areas of my stationery business such as Everyday, Celebrations, Inspired (for the home) as well as the AadenSage line.

I am furiously working because as you know I have a pretty tight deadline to meet in about 8-10 weeks. Her name is Adelee Elizabeth and she will need mommy's undivided attention for awhile. :)

I have been on the hunt for color inspiration for the Inspired Home collection. Which color palette is your favorite? Which palettes fit your home the best?

All color palettes are from Design Seeds. I am continuously inspired by this amazing site!
(If you check out my Pinterest color board and click on the actual image it will take you to the original post as created by Design Seeds.)


Be on the lookout for new designs featuring all of these amazing colors very soon!

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