Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 8 of Christmas!

• Thank people in your life who do thankless jobs. A thank you note and a big bag of cookies with a ribbon and tag would easily do the trick.
(Every Thursday night I host a Bible study in my home and this week we wanted to say thank you to my neighbors for never complaining about all the cars inconveniencing them. So we made cookies, bagged them, put a cute little tag on them, added a thank you card and hand delivered them. So sweet!)
• I am sure you can think of a co-worker or two who you may not be super close with but you know enough to know their circumstances are not great and it has been a hard year. Do something nice for them today, show them Jesus' love. Bring them a coffee or special treat or just stop in and say 'I know it's been a hard year, how are you doing?'

• Get your little ones involved. Ask them who they want to show love to. You could make a card or Christmas ornament together or cookies. Something simple just to remind you, your little ones, and the person on the other end of the gift, that this season is not about getting but about sacrificial love.

I would love to hear how you showed Jesus' love to someone today!

 {To use free Christmas Verse & Activity Cards}
1. Click on the images above.
2. Right click to 'Save As' on your computer
3. Open the file & print onto cardstock
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  1. We actually made and decorated gingerbread men (using my Grandma's recipe), and mailed them to my recently-widowed Grandpa with a little note.



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