Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend Projects

I am hosting a women's retreat this weekend. Insert 40 women in my house. Eek. So there will not be a lot of DIY projects happening around here. Instead, I will be cultivating amazing friendships as we dive into God's Word together, spend time in prayer and of course eat really great food. That is the true Aletheia way... food. ha.

Having that many women in my house did get me thinking about seating a little bit and I remembered this image I had pinned awhile back. What a sweet idea if you are always playing hostess. Spray paint aluminum folding chairs = instant cuteness.

And this little adorableness... since I am pregnant (again! baby #4) there is a teeny little part of me that is hoping for a girl. I do doubt the possibility of that since we have 3 boys but one can hope right? If God does decide to bless us with a little girl I will be making this amazing little kitchen for her... probably before she is even out of the womb. :)

Over the past month or so I have been working on a different kind of design project that is still a little bit shy of complete (which explains why I haven't shared the end result yet.) One of the projects I have to still complete is something along the lines of the below DIY project. The end result is stunning (and now I want one myself!)

A few great things from around the web:

+ My sweet friend announced the gender of their baby via hidden code in this blog post. So clever! Can you decipher the results?! Eeeee! So excited!

+ Another really amazing friend (i.e. she is my new workout buddy at 6am on Tues & Thurs. That definitely qualifies as more than an amazing friend!) started a Healthy Train. Follow her progress, advice and insight here. So proud of you Sarah Beth!

+ A beautiful post by the beautiful Emily Ley.

+ A new and very dear friend who just so happens to be an amazing and inspiring artist launched her new brand this week. Check out her brand new website & blog. Congratulations Courtney! I love you and am so blessed by you.


  1. so much fun & inspiration going on! can't wait to see the end results of the "sort-of-like-the-one-below" project. also excited about being one of the forty women. i feel like forty is good, since it is a biblical number. but it is not my house they are accosting, so.....

    love you!

  2. I love you Ashlee! Thank you for the shout out - I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out if Shay is having a boy or girl - I am stumped! Please don't do that when you find out what you are having because I won't be able to figure it out :) And that kitchen is amazing! I want to make one for Ella!



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