Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Autumn in the Air

There is a crispness in the morning air, even here in sunny Florida 
(of course, the crispness is gone by about 9am and doesn't return again until 8pm... but still.)

I have been working away designing a little fall collection and I can't wait to reveal those products to you (hopefully by the end of this week!) Hopefully you are feeling inspired by this beautiful season too. And if not, maybe my little fall inspiration board or even this cute 'Autumnal' post by my friend Sarah Beth will do the trick. 

You can view all the sources for the beauty above here on my pinterest board.

Happy Autumn to you!


  1. so pretty! Fall is my favorite season. Thinking of you Ashlee and miss you! xoxo Amber

  2. i want my whole house to look like this. so when would you like to come over and help me make my dreams come true? ... :)



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