Friday, June 10, 2011

Ideas For Your Weekend & Closet Makeover

I love solving problems....

Lack of organized and systematic storage in office closet. Lack of actual workspace (i.e. a place to assemble orders) in office.

You may remember this post where I show my old way of assembling any order, whether a set of 12 note cards or an entire order of wedding invitations that need cutting, gluing, ribbon tying, etc. Let's just say the floor was not getting it done (not to mention that my office was becoming a hazard to my little guys who want to pick up everything in sight.)

SOLUTION: Add additional shelving to office closet that can double as work space.
By adding one more shelf I created an entire new workspace where I can now assemble away. I added the shelf at bar height so I can use a bar stool for those lengthy and intensive orders. I added a 1/4" piece of mdf board on top of the wire shelf to make it a smooth and sturdy surface area. I reorganized the closet so that the most important things to my business were most accessible with plenty of room to grow. Everything I need for packaging an order is at arms reach, like the string I tie around the orders as well as the scissors I need to cut the string. I actually made up a 'mock' order while organizing to make sure I did not forget one material or step in my assembly process. I hung a belt/tie holder to the left of the workspace to hang tools on, scissors, rulers, hole punches, string, tape, etc. eventually I will hang my collection of ribbon on there as well. (I found a super cute inspiration for that but can't seem to find it again to show you. oops!) I like this too for keeping twine and string organized and untangled. (Thanks Martha!){tags that I tie around orders are now organized by category with tiny dividers in a small box and are perfectly within arms reach}

There are now four cubbies for envelopes sorted by size and color. At the beginning of this year I began to buy in bulk which is a great business move if you have the place to store everything (i.e. hundreds of bubble mailers and thousands of envelopes.) This new closet overhaul has given everything a home. Stock paper hangs above the printer, bubble mailers and packaging sleeves are directly under the work table.

So what do you think?
It was not very hard to install (the reorganizing, cleaning out, etc. was the hardest part!) and only cost about $30.00.

. . .

Look at my little helper!
I told you the office had become hazardous....

. . .

{Make Your Own Rosette Necklace}

{Make Your Own Vintage Rosette Earrings}

{Make Your Own Dominoes Set!}


  1. ohmystars. please, oh please come to my new place and help me do this to our shared office/closet/workspace!

  2. Totally IN LOVE with your closet makeover!! I've been planning on re-doing our office for Matthew for at least a month and don't know where to start. Please come over and help me. :)



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