Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year... only a few days late!

So with the start of a New Year comes resolutions. Resolutions, that in reality, have probably already been thrown by the wayside by now, only the 11th day of January. Be honest... how committed and successful have you actually been so far with your resolutions?

This year I decided that in the place of a bunch of resolutions that would fail days into the new year, I would make goals... small, reachable goals, month by month.

My thought is that this way at the end of the month I can keep myself accountable. I can have a tangible way to check what worked and what didn't... that way I am creating a habit of working towards a goal at all times, not just once a year.

Of course, this little goal project needed to cute and well designed, so I came up with this little month by month goal list taker (phrase?).

And because I love you, I am giving it to you to download & print on your own.

And because I really love you, if you leave a comment here telling me what your biggest goal for 2011 is and how you are working toward it this month or next month you will be entered to win your very own little goal calendar that I will print/embellish/assemble and send your way!

As I update mine (and reach or don't reach goals) I will share it all with you this coming year.

. . . .

{Usage Instructions}
1. Click on image
2. After it opens in a new window, click on the image to enlarge to full size.
3. Right click to save it to your computer. (Make sure you save it to a place where you will find it, i.e. your desktop)
4. Open the file & print onto cardstock (When printing, uncheck the box that says 'shrink to fit' or 'scale to fit' etc.)
5. Cut the paper in eighths (
final size = 2.75 wide by 4.25 tall)
6. Put months in order and hole punch in top left corner.

7. Create a front and back cover. I used a heavyweight cardstock and embellished it with a couple layers of paper cut in the shape of a circle and wrote in the year 2011. On the back I did the same but wrote 'Proffitt family.'
8. Punch hole in top left corner of front and back covers.
9. Assemble using a D-ring.

Email me if you have questions or problems downloading the file.

*For personal use only, not for resale. All rights belong to Ashlee Proffitt Design.


  1. thanks for sharing! i too am not a fan of resolutinss and had planned on setting goals for the year. a few of my big goals for this year are: get the house organized, build and stick to a budget, get a job(i have been out of work since april due to a back issue, and have to find a new career) and lastely volunteer.

  2. Cute as always Ashlee! Our biggest goal for 2011 is to 'live below our means' - give away items we don't use or need, give money to the local food banks, basically give more, spend less.

  3. Adorable! I just made a list of my monthly goals for the year, but I just scribbled mine on some scrap notebook paper! I would look at them so much more if I used your idea!

    My goal is to create a sustainable photography business by the end of 2011. It is a huge task since I am just starting out, but I want to paying my bills with my camera by December. :)

  4. Ash you are so talented! My goal for 2011 is to start the first stages of opening a salon! Yay!! As for the month of February I want to research grants and loans.

  5. Um, failure to set goals for 2011?
    I would not make a good winner for your lovely goal organizer, since I don't have many goals--but I wanted you to know I'm reading. My biggest one is probably to ramp up my diligence in prayer and Bible reading; and to work on this I've made the decision to do so (which is half the battle) and asked Mark to help me get up earlier. Going okay so far. The other one (not a goal, but sort of a plan) is to be ready to homeschool should we decide to do that by the fall. I'm reading some books by Charlotte Mason to get my mind around that whole process. I'm also doing a couple little intentional activities with the kids most days to sort of test the waters.

  6. I must admit that I did not have any new years resolutions this year, as I figured that I already had plenty of goals this year already...
    First of all I have my final exams this month, Both a written paper and an oral exam. Of course my goal is to pass the exam, so I get my Bachelor degree in Social education. Next up is getting a job as a social educator. Then I have to sew a pretty dress for my baby niece for her Baptism. And last but not least, my fiancee and I are getting married in March, so planning and having a wonderfull day is also one of my goals this year. And as allways I want to spend more time on creative projects, loosing a couple of pounds and living a healthier life...

    So I'd love to win the goal organizer, though I'm going to save it to my computer as well...

  7. Complimenti è molto bello ;-))) ho preso l idea e sarà un piacere realizzarlo !!!

  8. My goal for 2011 is to spend more meaningful time with my family!
    Family Game nights,dates with my hubby, dates with the kids, dinner together, movie nights, reading stories and tucking everyone into bed, even the old kids.... the little things that slip by if you dont make it happen.

    -Heather Norman

  9. these are great. i will use them!! xoxo

  10. Thank you for this great Calender. I love it.

    Greeting from Germany.


  11. what a great project! thanks!!

    greetings from germany, hippe



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