Friday, December 17, 2010

12 Days of Christmas {Day 5}

{Make a Gingerbread House || The Easy Way}

Materials Needed
Graham Crackers
Vanilla Frosting
Flat pieces of cardboard
Aluminum foil
CANDY!!! (gum drops, marshmallows, peppermints, candy canes, skittles, twizzlers, etc.)
Decorating Accessories (colored sugar, sprinkles, writing icing, powder sugar)

Step 1 ||
Wrap cardboard with aluminum foil

Step 2 || Eat a gum drop.

Step 3 || Spread a layer of icing on the foil to be your base

Step 4 || Eat a twizzler. Take a break. Eat a skittle.

Step 5 || Begin building your house. Piece together the walls with icing.
Step 6 || Continue building until house is complete.

Step 7 || Eat a marshmallow.

Step 8 || DECORATE! Create your own little magical house... made up entirely of sugar. :)

Step 9 || Take a picture (to remember just how cute it is) and then eat it.

My small group bible study made these gingerbread houses last week.
Leave a comment guessing which one is mine. If you guess correctly, you win a prize!
(Sorry city group ladies... you can't guess. :))

{Gingerbread Houses}









. . .

Go make a gingerbread house today with someone you love!!!


  1. My guess is number #9 - something about the little details says it was you :) they are all fantastic! Loved looking at your recent posts - you are so creative Ashlee! We are excited to make our gingerbread house soon!

  2. Farrah Fountaine said....

    My guess is number 6

  3. I wanted to guess 9, and then my other guess were 3 and 6, but since someone already did each of those, I'll guess 8 :)

  4. I'm guessing #5 because of the gumdrop sconces at the sides of the door.

  5. I would guess 3, but there isn't much color, so I'm going with 9 :o)



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