Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Ideas?

I want to come up with something new and unique...

My specialty is paper, contemporary graphic design, special occasions... so how can I incorporate those things into something that no one else is currently creating?

What would you like to see Ashlee Proffitt Design producing?

Is there something you have been looking for lately but can't seem to find exactly what you want?

I would love to hear from you.

Incentive to answer my questions and get your creative juices flowing?
The best idea wins a prize!


  1. Hi Ashlee,
    OK, this is probably way out of the box-story of my thought processes. I just attended a ladies luncheon and the hostess had everyone's lunch packed in a white paper, decorated lunch bag folded over and tied with ribbon. We all loved the idea, and so easy for the hostess-and they were beautiful! Maybe you could design lunch bags or large labels to attach to lunch bags. What a great gift to give to someone who 'brown bags' a lot.

  2. something that I have a hard time finding is a journal that both my husband and I can write in- send notes to each other, etc. We are often long distance or traveling together and would love to find more creative ways to keep connected and share experiences :)

    - Charisma

  3. I would say packaging!

    I can usually find cards or invitations to fit my taste, but address labels, envelope seals, even pretty envelopes themselves can be hard to come by. Things that coordinate with them, too, like gift tags or folded paper boxes.

    Or, ooh! Office supplies. Seriously, like memo pads and folders could use a lift from good graphic design. It'd be so great to be able to get some of those things personalized.

    Anyway, enough of my blabbing. Hope you are well!

  4. I would love to see some gorgeous photo boxes that can easily be doubled as decoration in my apartment.

  5. I'd love to have some "custom frames" - take your basic frame and bring it to life! Maybe wrap it in vintage wallpaper - or even hand painted (since your designs are lovely)! I would love to have something like this offered to clients displaying their prints.

    Thinking ahead for Christmas gifts - you should create beautifully hand painted ornaments!

  6. I'd love to see an Ashlee Proffitt Design office set! Notepads, file folders, sticky notes, address labels, etc.

    Or recipe cards?

    Or... {and this is something I've been working on} scripture memory cards. Business card size? Or maybe a little book? A beautiful and creative way to have a constant reminder of verses I'm trying to memorize. =)

  7. What about mats for photographs?
    Julie (Kate's mom)

  8. What about a personalized wedding, honeymoon, baby, or other special event journal that is tailored to each client? (Names, colors, designs, add in their own pictures for parts of it if they prefer) and then they fill it out as they are planning and recording their wedding, honeymoon, pregnancy/post-pregnancy or other special event?

    These are all fabulous ideas here! Loved reading through all of the comments! :)

  9. What about an Ashlee Proffitt-style all-in-one organize your life weekly notepad (meal planning, grocery list, to-do list, cleaning schedule, appointments). Ha ha--would that all fit on one big page? Mine are currently in multiple places :) Something that brings "cosmos" from "chaos"!

  10. I Have been Looking for incentive charts and chore charts for my kids, for when we start school in the fall, and I can't find anything whimsical or creative to use.

    Hannah Hendrix

  11. I would love verse-pictures to put on the walls around the house.

  12. I would love to see a mini desk calender full of your great little sketches on each day! And a beautiful scripture or quote at the bottom for everyday encouragement!

  13. I need ideas for decorating crafts. Pretty please!



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