Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Projects: Girly Gifts

I have been thinking and planning for Christmas all week. I have been putting together inspiration boards as well as products lists for what I will be offering in just about a month! I am so excited!

I found these cute little items below on pinterest and am thinking they would all be super great gifts that you could make yourself (or buy if you aren't the diy-er type.)

Sequin Clutch Tutorial by In Honor of Design

 Dainty beaded bracelet sold by Zzavel

 Jersey Knit Bracelet tutorial by V and Co.

 Leather Wrap Bracelet sold by T. Sloan

Jewelry Display by Pottery Barn
This is no longer sold at Pottery Barn but is still really amazing... so I think we should all make our own! A couple empty frames, hooks and wire is all it would take to create a beautiful (and organized) jewelry display. I would LOVE this as a gift.
 Mason Jar Soap Dispenser tutorial by Blissfully Content
I have a strange affinity for blue mason jars. I think they remind me of my sweet granny. 
What a cute gift this would be for that vintage, antique collector friend who loves unique gifts!
Wood Blocks Memory Game sold by DaWanda
These would be super cute for kids. All you need is some wooden blocks (think jenga), brightly colored patterned paper, and decoupage.

If I try my hand at making any of the above I will let you know! And you do the same. :)

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, I like them. I just thought of some jenga-style blocks that I have been hiding in a closet for a while! Maybe I could think up some kind of preschool-style application or design (animals, Spanish words, numbers, Greek letters, Latin roots....) Haha! Kidding...sort of...Hmm....

    Better yet! I've been reading a book by a family that basically emblazons KJV verses on anything and everything in their house, along with questions like "what do you do if you're tempted?" that are supposed to prompt your memory of the verse. That might be an interesting memory match game? --Katie



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