Educated? Yes.
Fine Art Degree (emphasis in Graphic Design) from James Madison University in 2005. 

Experience? Lots of it.
After spending time doing both corporate and contracted graphic design I finally realized that the only way that I was going to be able to do the projects that I really loved was if I started my own design studio! Working for such a vast array of businesses, inluding a printing company (i.e. I know how to work with printers!) as their in-house designer I was able to gain invaluable experience and knowledge. I can now apply that expertise to your project!

Passionate? About everything.
I love life. And I tend to have a lot of fun living it. I am most passionate about God and what He has done for me. Not far behind would be my amazing husband, Aaron and our three beautiful boys (Andrew - 2007, Aaden - 2008, Asher - 2010)... At this point you either think I am adorable for naming my three boys all with 'A' names or you think I am a dork... oh well... I think it's adorable. I am passionate about art and design. I spend lots of time day dreaming up new ideas... which often causes me stress because I don't seem to have enough time to create all these amazing things I think up... Some other loves? (In no particular order) Sketchbooks, paper, books... I always have loved to read, planners (I may be obsessed with list taking and task lists...), clean sheets (on a bed of course), painted fingernails, hand bags... (I have had to tame this obsession since having children there are better ways to spend that money), painted walls accented with white accessories... I LOVE a can of white spray paint - it can make anything beautiful! That's probably enough for now. Oh and I can't forget coffee... LOVE it.

Inspired? All the time.
(Again, in no particular order... except the first one.)
• The Bible. (Timeless, classic, PURE wisdom and knowledge.)
• Coffee. Yep, does it everytime.
• Sketchbook & my favorite pens
• Flowers
• Fabric (yep, I am pretty sure I could create a beautiful wedding invitation inspired by that shirt you are wearing...)
• Textures and patterns
• Photography (not mine... )
• Kids toys (they're cute, right?)
• Etsy
• Mmmm and shopping. ah. I wish it wasn't so, but it is. haha.

Fresh, contemporary, modern. Clean lines with an organic twist.

Goal: To create the perfect product for you.

Custom stationery design for your special occasions and for your every day.

Corporate design work including identity, branding, packaging and collateral design 
(logo design, business stationary, marketing materials and more.) 
. . . 
Each project is different and each client varies in their need for design. The below process is an overview of the way Ashlee Proffitt Design works with clients. The goal is always to achieve a perfect end result that is exactly what you, the client, was looking for.

  • Step 1 Consultation between designer and client. A proposal and contract of services is submitted after the details of the project have been clearly defined. A strict schedule of deadlines will be set by Ashlee Proffitt Designs in order to keep the project running smoothly.
  • Step 2 Ashlee Proffitt Design will begin researching and the initial stages of design (i.e. lots of sketching). The client  will be given and asked to completes an extensive questionnaire about his/her company, which will give Ashlee Proffitt Design the answers to questions such as: Who is the client's target audience? What is the client's vision?,  What are the client specific design needs? Using the answers to those questions the designing and creating can begin.
  • Step 3 During this stage, the designer and client will be in constant communication as the project progresses; receiving feedback and making changes until the project reaches design completion.
  • Step 4 The designer will then see to the project's completion, whether that means working with a printer,  delivering digital files to the client, or simply shipping the final product, Ashlee Proffitt Design will see a project to it's finalization.

Unless, otherwise specified, all printing is completed in-house. Ashlee Proffitt Design uses a professional printer with archival inks and the highest quality paper that is chosen for the client's specific project. The result is a beautifully printed product and a lower cost for the client.

Our client's have unique design needs and therefor the pricing is uniqe to each client and each project.
For pricing information about your custom project please contact Ashlee Proffitt Design for a free consultation.


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