Monday, July 5, 2010

Favorite Finds - Bags // Purses // Clutches

Bags could potentially be one of my most favorite things... ever.
In reality I could do a weekly post just on my favorite bags... ha.

{First two bags: cutest diaper bags ever!}

{Laminated pool/beach bag tote... perfect for this Floridian!}

{Pleated Tote Bags by JH Fabric Creations}

{Multipurpose Backpack Bags by Designs by Ambiana}

{Bags by Clutterbags}

Oooh how I do love these!


  1. Thank you again for featuring my bags!!! I am also obsessed with bags. I'll be posting a brand new design that I'm excited about in my Etsy shop tonight. :)

    You have certainly selected some beautiful bags this week. I love all those fabrics. I am a total fabric junkie. :)

  2. I really like the Clutterbag ones. I think those are way cute. Well, all of them are cute. But the last ones are my favorites. :)

  3. You should totally design something cute based on each of these purses (patterns/colors) perfect inspiration...just sayin' :)



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